Dear guest,

We wish you a memorable stay in our historical Lisbon and we would like to give some short and essential advice for you to have a great stay.

Portuguese sidewalk

Portuguese pedestrian areas are symbol of Lisbon. They consists of small flat pieces of stones arranged in a pattern or image, like a mosaic, are used for decorative patterns. Although this technique beautifies the city and reflects the bright sunlight, walking long hours can be very tiring. So please choose the right shoes when exploring the city. For those who like to wear high heels, be aware that the tip of the heels can often stay trapped between stones and cause damage to the shoes or even cause accidents. Take care!


According to a survey on security of “Tourism Observatory of Lisbon”, 96% of foreign tourists said they felt safe in the Portuguese capital. The overwhelming majority (75%) also feel trust in the police they said. Like in most big touristic cities there are pickpockets. Lisbon is not an exception. There occur more thefts in crowded tourist spots such as areas like:. Baixa, Bairro Alto, Alfama and Cais do Sodre “Pickpockets will mingle in lines of public transports and choose mostly tourists to steal. Thus be aware whenever you stand in queues of museums or public transport or watching street performers. Avoid storing your wallet or your phone in back pants pocket or backpack. While you sit on terraces or restaurants do not hang your purse on the chair away from your sight.


Although nowadays it happens less often, there are still Taxi drivers that take advantage of foreigners as they are not aware of the prices charged in Lisbon and the distance to places. The route that most affects this situation is from the Airport to the city. We recommend you, to be informed ahead on the approximate price of the desired route. In case you judge the amount exorbitant always require an invoice so you have a proof of your journey and it might come useful (even if you should forget something in the car you can always track it). Upon arrival at the hotel you can always call the Receptionist to check the price as it should be around 20 € by daylight. There are supplements such as

Night rate (+20%) applies from 9:00PM to 6:00AM

Expect a 0.80€ booking fee when you call a taxi

Expect a 1.60€ charge for each piece of luggage

For trips outside of the city, ask your driver for the fare as taximeters are seldom used. Taximeter’s distance rates are doubled for trips outside of the city.

Or book an Airport Transfer at the Hotel.


It’s standard practice for waiters to bring you little dishes of olives, bread, cheese and cold meats but they are not freebies unless they are part of a set menu. If you don’t want them, just politely send them back untouched and you won’t be charged. If you are tempted but worried about the creeping cost of your final bill, check the price before tucking in. The bread and olives are usually very cheap so tuck in.

Public transport

The public transport tickets should ideally be pre-acquired. Although you can buy the ticket from the driver, the rate is more expensive as the pre-bought one and It may be difficult to get change if you do not have coins. Ideally you should get transport tickets at the machines on Train or Metro stations.

When entering a public transport please validate the ticket on the equipment.

We recommend the LISBON CARD which includes visit to some museums, Lisbon subway, trams and buses and you can purchase it at the following locations.

Point of sale:

Lisbon Airport; open 7:00 (am) 24:00(Tourist Information Desk in the arrivals area).

Palácio Foz (Restauradores square)

Lisbon Welcome Center (Commerce Square); open from 9:00 (am) to 20:00.

Santa Apolonia Station



If you intend to visit museums and monuments, there are two important things to consider. One is that many offer free admission on Sunday mornings or discounts with the local tourist card. The other is that most are closed on Mondays so you’ll need to check and plan around this if you have your heart set on seeing something specific

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